Raw Material |

The raw material used for the elaboration of our flour are the parts of the fish of wild origin, processed in the canning industries and filleting plants that are not going to be used for packaging in cans or for human consumption. It is mainly composed of red meat or sangacho, head, entrails, skins, tails and skeleton. The unused parts of the process (our raw material) are separated in the canning plants themselves with extreme cleanliness and stored to be transported in trucks in a short period of time, to our plant where they are processed continuously.

Description |

The elaborated product is Fish Meal. Code 23012000 in the TARIC nomenclature. Our Flour and Oil are obtained from the By-products that are prepared daily by the canning factories in our closest environment for human consumption and that we process in just a few hours, to obtain finished products of maximum freshness and quality. We manufacture a flour rich in essential micronutrients for the nutritional needs of animals and essential for their health. Contributing throughout the process to an Efficient Economy in the use of resources, with the aim of generating intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth. Our tuna meal provides amino acids, vitamins from Group B, A, D and minerals (iron, phosphorus, calcium and selenium) for the preparation of feed.

Destination |

Conresa Tuna Meal is intended for the production of feed for the following families: ‐ Farm animals | pig and poultry sector. Prohibited for ruminant animals. ‐ Aquaculture | for species such as salmon, sea bream, sea bass, sole, turbot, trout... ‐ PetFood | pets

Marketing formats |

Bulk | System filled in our warehouse.
Tradicional BigBags | 1.100Kg Udad.
Vacuum BigBags | 1.250Kg Udad. ¡NEW!
Sacks | paper (20Kg Udad) and raffia (40Kg Udad)